Marquis Kiki Fantroy's Killer Caught!

Marquis Kiki Fantroy’s Killer Caught!

Here at Blacks Hate Fags, we’ve long monitored the plight of transgender “women” of color. They are murdered with such frequency, one might come away with the impression that their behavior has something to do with it. Not so, say the Jews. This is entirely because of the cis white hetero patriarchy.

Such was the case when Marquis “Kiki” Fantroy was fatally shot in southwest Miami-Dade. The shooting happened at around 4:37 a.m. Wednesday July 31st, in the area of SW 224th Street and SW 115th Court, according to the Miami-Dade Police Department. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue personnel took her to Jackson South Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

Police believe that her gender identity didn’t play a part in the murder, according to the Miami Herald, but her family, of course, believes otherwise.

Dark as the night, 21 year old Kiki was returning home from a party with a group of people and was propositioned for sex, Fantroy’s mother said.

Kiki is reported to have rejected the subject or subjects, and was killed when they opened fire.

The folks over at TransGriot remind us that;

Fantroy was the 13th trans woman who has been murdered in the US this year. She is the 9th to die that was under age 30. Even more infuriating, all of the transgender women killed so far in the US in 2019 have been African American.

Infuriating, indeed. These transgender women of color just keep winding up dead, and nobody can figure out why. #BlackLivesMatter

Too bad the blacks didn’t get the memo.

As is always the case with these stories, Kiki’s killer is also black.

According to Miami-Dade police detectives, a witness identified William Watson as Marquis “Kiki” Fantroy’s killer in a photo lineup. Records show Watson is in foster care.

Marquis "Kiki" Fantroy's Killer Caught!
Marquis “Kiki” Fantroy’s Killer Caught!

According to the arrest report, Watson got upset during a conversation, shot at a person officers identified as “Victim Bell” and then started chasing and shooting at Fantroy.

Detectives said Watson ran after her and shot at her several times.

Watson faces a charge of second-degree murder and an attempted murder charge.

What can we learn from this?

Nothing. So say the Jews.

If you observed that being transgender is a suicidal course to take with one’s life, you’ll be called transphobic.

If you observed that blacks are responsible for more than half the murders in America, you’ll be called a racist.

And rightly so. All decent people are transphobic racists, but decent people are in short supply now that the Jews run everything.

The only allowable course is to encourage this mayhem further, to tell freaks that transgenderism is perfectly normal, to say that blacks gunning down their fellow blacks is the White man’s fault, because that’s what the Jews want.

And the Jews ALWAYS get what they want.

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