Justice for Tracy Single

Justice for Tracy Single

Tracy “Single” Williams was the 16th transgender person killed in the United States in 2019, and the 15th black transgender “woman” whose demise came at the hands of another.

In fact, the only gender confused individual to be killed this year who wasn’t black, is Megan Betts. If that last name rings a bell, that’s because her brother, Connor Betts, was an Antifa sympathizing cross dresser himself, who famously killed 9 people and injured many others in just under 30 seconds, as he unloaded an AR-15 into a bar in Dayton, Ohio. It had previously been reported that Connor Betts had murdered his sister, but Megan Betts had secretly adopted male pronouns, and the pseudonym Jordan Cofer, according to news reports.

Here at Blacks Hate Fags, we don’t concern ourselves with White people problems. We just thought that was worth noting, since the Jewish media narrative about violence against “transgender women” is portrayed as some kind of Right wing extremism problem.

Like most Jewish media narratives, that notion stands in stark contrast to the facts.

Here at Blacks Hate Fags, we regularly bring you stories of blacks murdering transgender “women” of color. While we have not been able to ascertain who all of these negro murderers voted for, the information available seems to contradict the notion that they were motivated to violence by enthusiastic support for Donald Trump.

Usually, it’s one of their sexual partners. Be it a boyfriend, or a downlow brutha, the murderous instincts so prevalent in black males, do not seem to be mitigated in any way by their attraction to the Jew’s favorite victim profile.

Such appears to be the case with 25 year old Joshua Dominic Bourgeois, who was recently taken into the custody of the Harris County jail, in Texas, where he is being held without bond. He is charged with murder in the 180th state district court, Houston police announced Saturday.

His arrest stems from the murder of one Tracy Williams, aka Tracy Single. The body was found on July 30th about 3:30 a.m. in a gas station parking lot on Interstate 10 in Houston, officials from the Houston Police Department said in a press release. Williams had sustained a “puncture wound” and severe lacerations, according to police. The medical examiner subsequently ruled Williams’ death a homocide. It took a week for the Houston Police department’s LGBT liaison to confirm that Williams was a tranny, and fellow tranny agitator Dee Dee Watters had organized a town hall meeting which resulted in Single being identified by name.

Bourgeois was considered a suspect after investigators learned he had been in a “dating relationship” with Williams. He was arrested Friday and charged with the brutal slaying.

It almost goes without saying, that Mr. Bourgeois is black.

Not much else has been made public at this time, but we suspect Joshua’s best defense might be to claim it was an assisted suicide, rather than a murder. The only thing that kills more transgender people than black males, is suicide, which of course, is technically carried out by black males as well, since so many of these freaks happen to be nigger faggots with a fetish. We’re just guessing here, but drug overdoses and HIV complications probably round out the top four.

Williams was the oldest of six children and was living in an apartment in west Houston at the time of the murder, friends and family told NBC Houston affiliate KPRC earlier this month. Previously, Williams had been living at the Montrose Grace Place, the Houston Chronicle reported. The nonprofit organization houses “homeless youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities” between the ages of 13 and 21, according to its website.

The existence of an institution like “Montrose Grace Place” tells you all you need to know about the decline of our civilization, and the hazardous course Jewish subversion sent Mr. Williams down. Advertising a place as a shelter for “homeless youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities” is not something you do to indicate that straight people can attend. It is a marketing ploy to get sexually confused children into a building.

Who wants to get sexually confused homeless kids into their house? Well, pedophiles, most obviously, and with every day that goes by we find more and more evidence that transgenderism is little more than a scheme to abuse children. So bold has this predatory group of criminals become, that they even confess their intent to tack a “P” onto their LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup of degeneracy, by declaring prepubescent sexual attractions to be just one more sexual preference in need of protection by the Supreme Court.

While claiming to provide “healthy relationships” to those unfortunate enough to stumble into their web, it is obvious from the many stories we cover here that transgender people are incapable of healthy relationships. Anyone trying to have a “healthy relationship” with a transgender person, would be trying to talk them out of their delusions. What Montrose Grace Place is offering them is not only unhealthy, but clearly and consistently lethal.



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