Blacks Hate Gay Jews

Jews Are No Exception

One of the issues facing the black community that doesn’t get nearly enough attention, is the Jewish Problem. The same could of course be said in the reverse, to some degree, in all fairness, as we’ll soon see. Blacks frequently blame White people for their dissatisfaction with life, but most of the things blacks get angry with White people for, are actually being done by Jews.

The queer menace is no exception, and as we’ve established, Blacks Hate Fags.

They seem to be aware of this on some sort of unconscious level. That is likely why we keep seeing more and more violence against Jews by black people, but the Jewish effort to blame White Supremacy is allowing them to get away with it, for now.

Blacks don’t really understand why they hate Jews so much, of course. For them it is purely instinctive, as opposed to the White Supremacist problem which is fueled by hate speech such as “facts” and “evidence”. The Jewish Question is incredibly complex, too complex for most White people to even understand. The primitive negro mind is certainly not able to grasp it, but anti-Semitism has followed Jewish people across centuries and continents so reliably, because the hatred of them is a healthy instinct bred into all peoples through hard won intergenerational experience.

All the races that liked Jews already either got mongrelized or died off.

For gay Jews in pink kippahs with sparkly pink handbags and LGBTQP patches across their asses, this innate black hostility presents an even more serious challenge. The instinctive hatred all peoples have for Jews, combined with flamboyant homosexuality, and the negro predilection for violence, makes for one of the most volatile concoctions imaginable.

Adam Eli found this out the hard way, recently. He is a Jewish LGBTQP activist and founder of a queer militia known as Voices 4. He told NBC New York that he was “presenting as queer” by wearing the pink kippah and carrying a sparkly, pink handbag. It went poorly, to say the least of it.

According to Fag Blog PinkNews;

While leaving a subway station in New York City on Monday, September 9, Eli was followed by the stranger who told him to “take [his] kippah off”, “stay in the closet” and that “this is not Judaism”. The stranger also claimed homosexuality was “an abomination”.

Since blacks are simple minded, this one seems to have assumed the kippah was a religious symbol, and in that case it indeed would be an abomination. As it turns out, an ever increasing number of Jews view Judaism as a purely ethnic experience, and in this case, it is safe to assume our Shylock smoothie provider, was probably just letting everyone know he’s cut where it counts, to the extent that it does, as we’re assuming he’s a bottom based on the Jewish victimization fetish.

Check out the video;

Adam Tweeted the video with the caption: “THREAD: Trigger Warning: violent speech, harassment. I got harassed, followed and threatened on the street today. Someone was upset that I was wearing a pink kippah, carrying a purse and had a pride patch sewn onto my jeans. I am sharing the encounter for three reasons..

After mispelling Nigger Warning, the Jewfag went on to list a bunch of social justice bullshit, but his primary goal was obviously to shift the attention away from the fact that Blacks Hate Fags, and talk about White privilege, because that is what Jews do, basically.

For blacks who may be reading this, we really cannot recommend highly enough that you check out the Nation of Islam’s book “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”. It has been banned from Amazon, YouTube, and other platforms, so you know it has to be really important. You can still get all three volumes from the Nation of Islam Research Group’s store. You can also download Volume 1 using BitTorrent, if that’s not too complex for you.

It is important for black people to understand that Jews are not “White” as is commonly believed by most black (and White) people. They only claim to be White when it suits their purposes, such as blaming goyim for their own bad behavior, or when they want goyim to do self destructive things. It is a common theme to see one tweet from a Jew saying “My fellow white people” and another where they insult White people, and this yid cum receptacle is no exception, as we’ll soon see.

For an authoritative answer, ask any Jewish Supremacist, and they will tell you. Jews usually consider being called White an insult. This is why they are always fighting “White Supremacy” which they consider their only major competitor.

Cases in point.

Our friends over at have done a lot of great work documenting this.

Blacks often think Jews are on their side by fighting White Supremacy, but this is a trick that Jews play on blacks. Jews use blacks to fight White Supremacy, but only so Jews can be supreme over the mongrel offspring of mixed race couples. By this mechanism, they exploit blacks no less than they did when they were dominating the slave trade.

Because they are exploiting blacks to fight their White enemies, Jews cannot apply the same standards to black people that they do to White people. For example, Jews are always trying to get White kids to be gay or transgender in order to molest them and reduce their breeding, so they attack any White person who has a problem with that as “homophobic”. What we don’t see Jews is complaining about the fact that Blacks Hate Fags, because they don’t want to draw attention to black crime, which they use as a weapon against Whites.

It’s all very complex. So we apologize to our negro readers if this is confusing, but you need to understand that to comprehend what follows.

Firstly, Jewboi did not file a police report. This is unheard of when Jews are attacked by (((Fellow Whites))). If a White man did this he would be screaming about White Supremacy and demanding Ilhan Omar single handedly repeal the First Amendment. Since Tinkerbell wants to make sure black crime goes unabated in New York City, he had to do everything entirely by social media and avoid getting law enforcement involved.

The other component which would be confusing without our prior lesson in Jewish Supremacy is how he addressed the problem as being about “Racism, transphobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, anti semitism and ableism”

If he was going to talk about racism, you would think he was going to link to our site and mention that Blacks Hate Fags, but he didn’t, and neither did any fag blog, which are also all run, or at least financed, by Jews.

Instead, our cocksicle aficionado said (emphasis mine) “This is a fraction of what our trans + GNC family get every single day. In this moment I was able to stand up to my attacker NOT bc I’m brave but bc I’m a white resourced man in a heavily trafficked place. We know what happens when a white man attacks a black trans women.” Adding, “To my fellow cis white gays who generally ‘pass’ for being hetro in public: this is whats out there. Most of the time we can get on the subway, go for a run or go on a date in peace. That does not mean our struggle for queer liberation is over.”

Now, I’m not actually sure that we do know what happens when a White man attacks a black trans “woman”. Here at Blacks Hate Fags, best as we can tell, it’s down low bruthas killing all the black dudes in dresses.

More to the point, our light skinned power bottom identified himself as “a white resourced man” and called to his “fellow cis white gays”, which as we established earlier, is contradicted by his kippah. Jews are not White, and our pillow sniffing bagel baker is entirely too well aware of this, as evidenced by his Tweet from November 1st 2018, when he said; “I LOVE my Jewish nose, my Jewish curls and my Jewish body hair. Took me awhile but I’m proud of my heritage and NO white man with a gun, in Poland, Germany or Pittsburgh can take that from me.”

(((Fellow Whites)))
(((Fellow Whites)))

Thus when picked up the story, they completely glossed over the race of the perpetrator, and made this about transgenderism. Author Matt Tracy headlined his piece “Turning Anti-Gay Attack Into a Trans Rights PSA”, and said;

As the video went viral, he notably grabbed that chance to acknowledge his privilege as a cisgender white man and remind the public that transgender and gender nonconforming folks, especially black trans women, continue to face deadly violence on a regular basis.

Of course, if our matzo making meat smuggler were really trying to help black trans “women”, he’d have sent Tyrone straight to jail instead of complaining about racism and pretending to be White. The best way to protect black trannies is to get cis black males off the street, especially if they’ve already displayed a willingness to get confrontational with degenerates.

But this was always about virtue signaling for Easy-Bake Eli. It always is for Jews. He would rather complain about dead trannies than help them, which can only be done with conversion therapy, ethnic cleansing, and euthanasia. All of which understandably make the cum catching cousins of central bankers uneasy.

This Hebrew homo couldn’t even take a compliment from NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio without pandering to the victims of his uncle’s chemical castration business. The mayor tweeted in support of Ms. Eli;

“It takes courage to confront homophobia and tell a story like this. I’m sorry you had to go through this, Adam. But we’re proud of how you responded. There’s no place for hate in this city.”

If New York City is short on room for anything, maybe they should start deporting illegals to make space. This seemed to be lost on our kippahed cock connoisseur, who replied “TY for the support! To beat homophobia we must address all types of violence against all queer people. #LayleenPolanco, a 27 yr old Afro- Latinx trans woman died in Rikers 93 days ago. I know her family would like to speak with you. Perhaps we can all sit down together?”

The mayor didn’t respond to that. Unfortunately, Mayor de Blasio was busy pretending to run for President, so he cannot deal with New York City’s negro problem. Not that he would do anything if he were home. He’d be too busy smoking the weed he gets from them. He is a Democrat, after all.

As for Layleen Polanco, he wasn’t murdered, sadly. Otherwise we’d have surely told you about the negro who did it. It was his profession as a prostitute that landed him in the women’s section of Riker’s Island, where he was being held on just $500 bail. Unfortunately for Layleen, transgender prostitution is not the most lucrative of trades, and his Afro side seems to have made pinksocking away his meager earnings too challenging to afford so much as a fancy kippah.

In case you haven’t caught onto the theme of the site yet, we’re betting Layleen’s sparring partner was black. Not just because Blacks Hate Fags, either. Actual negresses (not to be confused with transgender “women” of color) are a lot more likely to attack biological males than White women are, and of course, a lot more likely to be in jail, on account of their violent habits more generally.

It wasn’t the fight that killed him, in any case. It just landed him in the punitive solitary confinement of the Restrictive Housing Unit, where he was found dead in his cage during count.

Loved ones and social justice opportunists, the latter of which we’re sure make up the bulk, if not the entirety, are outraged. They say solitary confinement is torture, for anyone who hasn’t been accused of voting Republican.

Ultimately, it would seem Layleen died from social justice, like so many others. Detainees with serious mental disabilities or conditions are barred from the Restrictive Housing Unit, per the Minimum Standards guidelines of the Board of Corrections. In a world without Jewish propaganda, transgenderism would surely be classified as such, but since the World Health Organization decided to promote transgenderism instead of treating it, and black trannies are terribly unlikely to stop breaking the law, we can expect to be seeing a lot more of this kind of thing.

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