Blacks Hate Gay Jews

One of the issues facing the black community that doesn’t get nearly enough attention, is the Jewish Problem. The same could of course be said in the reverse, to some degree, in all fairness, as we’ll soon see. Blacks frequently blame White people for their dissatisfaction with life, but mostContinue Reading

Justice for Tracy Single

Tracy “Single” Williams was the 16th transgender person killed in the United States in 2019, and the 15th black transgender “woman” whose demise came at the hands of another. In fact, the only gender confused individual to be killed this year who wasn’t black, is Megan Betts. If that lastContinue Reading

#RIPReese - Tranny Chaser Bullied To Death

Maurice Willoughby was 20 years old when he ended his own life. He had long struggled with depression and other mental health issues, which is probably why he ended up dating a transgender “woman” of color. Nicknamed “Reese Him Daddie,” the young degenerate had tattoos on his face. In theContinue Reading

Denali "Berries" Stuckey's Killer Surrenders!

On July 20th of 2019, Denali Berries Stuckey was found fatally shot along a North Charleston, South Carolina roadway. Police were responding to a report of a pedestrian possibly struck by a car, but instead found the transgender “woman” of color, with a face full of bullets. Police were exploringContinue Reading

Marquis Kiki Fantroy's Killer Caught!

Here at Blacks Hate Fags, we’ve long monitored the plight of transgender “women” of color. They are murdered with such frequency, one might come away with the impression that their behavior has something to do with it. Not so, say the Jews. This is entirely because of the cis whiteContinue Reading

Blacks Hate Fags, and Especially Trannies

The most misguided ideas in American politics today are “solidarity”and “intersectionality” on the Left. In the relentless Jewish pursuit of exterminating White people from the Earth, they have managed to form a fragile coalition of blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, Muslims, and single White women too young to think for themselves (WhiteContinue Reading